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Hacking for fun

There are numerous guides out there. Depending on the phone manufacturer it gets slightly different but the main concept of how it works is all the same. When you turn on a phone, a small software…

On the fly image cropping and resizing

While developing mobile apps, it becomes important to have assets resized for the current device, not smaller, not bigger. They must have…

Continuing on my Docker adventure.

I’ll assume you know a little bit about docker and docker-compose at this point but if you don’t, read my previous writings on it.

Linux Alpine

Here is an article about a linux distro called Alpine that I talked about in a previous article.



Titanium Mobile module to handle push notifications in android. The focus of the module is to expose an API as similar to the one for iOS as possible.


Another Titanium Mobile module. This one exposes UI elements for creating a Material Design based app. For now the module supports only iOS. After all, Material Design is supported natively in Android. The module is based on this library


iOS native app, written in Swift. The idea behind it is to be able to track the time that goes is not accounted for during a workday by supporting others or executing non official tasks. Get it on the App Store


Trimethyl is a set of tools and libraries that give a boost to mobile development with Titanium Mobile

Titanium Mobile

Titanium Mobile is a famous framework for developing cross platform mobile apps. The SDK is open source and sometimes it may need some fixes.


I created this organization on Github to group a set of repositories on an infrastructure based on docker. The three main parts of the project are, a CLI tool to create new projects, a Docker based architecture with microservices to host the project and another architecture also Docker based for the load balancer that will switch between Projects. (This website is based on this project)


Damn NDAs forbidding me from publishing other awesome projects :D