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I wrote a spying software at 14

This is a piece of software for Windows XP, although I think it still works on Windows 7 and 10, written in C# using Visual Studio.

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Learning by doing - Machine Learning

The most common example to explain machine learning is that of recognising shapes. When we see a cup, it is not always perfectly the same but we know it's a cup. How does our brain do that?

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A Kubernetes cluster on VirtualBox

Testing a Kubernetes cluster on VirtualBox before configuring it on production.

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Monitoring the environment

The project aims to use a Raspberry Pi as a standalone device that monitors the temperature, relative humidity, pressure, light intensity and air quality. To make these useful though, I want to send…

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Mobile app development A to Z

Creating a cross platform app in Titanium

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Caffeina at Codemotion Milan 2017

Caffeina has been a Codemotion sponsor for the past few years and this year was no different. We had to create something eye-catching to attract people. This made us think of a Pong game, but for devs

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Github Contributions

Dockerized Ansible command line tools
Docker and nginx based load balancer
Performance monitoring tools for Linux
Otto AI - Server & Client AIO
Source code of
A preconfigured docker environment with NGINX, PHP7, PHP5.6 (both with imagick enabled) and MySQL - More services to be added
React component for zoom an image on mouse over
You can manage infinite git profiles with one click and select which profile to use to commit and push your code changes.
This module is no longer maintained, please use the updated Ti.Goosh

Mobile apps


Polpetta Mag

Polpetta Mag è il vostro magazine sulla club culture raccontata attraverso immagini mozzafiato, intense e rappresentative del mondo delle avanguardie musicali.

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gUMI App

You can manage infinite git profiles with one click and select which profile to use to commit and push your code changes.

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Spread Your Love

Spread your love is a generator of 3 dimensional cards with a text written to it dynamically. The whole 3D object is generated dynamically from a text input.

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Environment Monitor

A Raspberry Pi based device that monitors the environment and pushes the data to a server containing InfluxDB (InfluxData) to make it available to be analyzed.

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Custom Vimeo Uploader

Wordpress plugin that, through a shortcode, renders a form to upload videos from the website the plugin is installed on. The upload is handled from the plugin itself.

Code Trivia

Multi-player quiz game dedicated to developers built especially for Codemotion Milan 2017. It handles multiple connections and players in real time through sockets.




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