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Streaming videos in Safari with http2

Streaming an authenticated video to Safari video element with http2 enabled.

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Completing the Kubernetes setup

After having created a Kubernetes cluster with all the nodes, we need to add a few add-ons and some additional software to make it functional and manage it.

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How to boost your Kubernetes network performance

Let’s take a look at how we need to wire all the servers to get the most out of them. It’s probably one of the most important parts.

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Persistent storage on Kubernetes

Creating a fast and reliable Kubernetes cluster with a dedicated storage cluster, also replicated with a focus on performance.

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On-premise HA Kubernetes cluster

Explaining how to create a production grade Kubernetes cluster from the ground up, noting all the tools available and all the obstacles we might come across.

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Configure Kubernetes on premise

A guide on the issues of installing Kubernetes on-premise and how to overcome them.

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Mobile apps



Contributed to the development and maintenance of the FAI website. My main roles on the project are as DevOps and project lead.

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Helped in the creation and maintenance of the project as DevOps by designing and optimizing a container based platform.

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This apparently simple project is built using a micro-services design. It generates 3D GLTF objects on the fly.

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Furla In-Store App

I was part of the development team for this project, and I was responsible for the API and the sync service on the app side.

Polpetta Mag

Polpetta Mag è il vostro magazine sulla club culture raccontata attraverso immagini mozzafiato, intense e rappresentative del mondo delle avanguardie musicali.

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gUMI App

You can manage infinite git profiles with one click and select which profile to use to commit and push your code changes.

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Spread Your Love

Spread your love is a generator of 3 dimensional cards with a text written to it dynamically. The whole 3D object is generated dynamically from a text input.

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I was part of the development team for this project, and I was responsible for the API and the sync service on the app side.

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Environment Monitor

A Raspberry Pi based device that monitors the environment and pushes the data to a server containing InfluxDB (InfluxData) to make it available to be analyzed.

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Custom Vimeo Uploader

Wordpress plugin that, through a shortcode, renders a form to upload videos from the website the plugin is installed on. The upload is handled from the plugin itself.

Code Trivia

Multi-player quiz game dedicated to developers built especially for Codemotion Milan 2017. It handles multiple connections and players in real time through sockets.



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